i've been looking for a home-equity line of credit for the past month, actually i wanted a visa debit card to make purchases with the money that the house was sitting on.  i tried my bank, and my credit was not good enough for them to work with me, seeing as how i'm not very responsible at paying bills on time.

so, about two weeks ago, i went into a loan place looking to get a home equity line of credit.  the loan officer who i was to work with was at least 8 years younger than me, which should have been my first blue-clue.  come to think of it, it did seem wrong - as from the get-go i was not comfortable divulging my financial prowess to someone i was not sure was stable enough to handle it without the googley-eyed mindset which would expose itself over the next two weeks.

well, after days of giving her bank statements and settlement papers and what-not, the appraiser came.  and he gave the whores his findings.  when one called me up, she told me how much my house was appraised for...with a hint of awestruck in her voice.  i was struck with something too, i was expecting a greater number, as a greater number was spent on making it into the house it is today, but i guess appraisers are not buyers.

anyway, i was all set to get the credit-line, and she was all set to give it to me.  i called don, my financial advisor, and let him talk to the loan wench - what she did not tell me was that i'd be paying $3000 to get the line in the first place.  and, in the second place, at an interest rate of 12.1%, which she did tell me two days ago after i asked her.  so, don told both the whore and me "no way," and i did not call them back, but lo and behold the wench called me an hour later, trying to spin the excess of their proposal into something more digestable.  "well, no banks will work with you because your credit is so bad," was the only recourse, but what i could not believe was the IT'S NOT LIKE YOU CAN'T AFFORD ITs and the WE DID NOT COME TO YOU, YOU CAME TO US, SO YOU WANT ITs and the WHAT ABOUT THE HOME RENOVATIONS, HOW WILL YOU PAY FOR THEMs.

and they were actually whiney, laying the guilt trip: "she worked so hard on it," and they were actually whiney - and they were actually whining in their most professional manner.  do you remember melvin from the film the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy?  that's actually the vocal inflection that she integrated into her speech.  "well, don said that it's your choice," she said - maybe if she knew i've known him all my life then she wouldn't have even so innocently suggested i not listen to him.  but i doubt it.  after all, it IS a business.  "it IS a business," which is the exact way she tried to justify the $3000 charge and the 12.1% interest rate.

i don't really need a credit line, anyway, there are home renovation men that will let me finance.  maybe paving a 180 foot driveway i'd not be able to do just yet, but that's barely important.
two weeks later...

as desperate and unbusiness-like as this sounds (what do you expect, the manager and most employees are female), they called back.   they called back with a proposal.  they said they'd waive a bunch of fees in order to get my business.  this is why pussy does not belong in such a workplace, it says anything to advance itself, since the beginning of time when it ate of the apple in order to be like god.  it even lies to advance itself.  and not to only me, they lied about waiving fees to both me and don.  so, taking don's advice, i signed for the line, thinking businesspeople from a nationally-recognized company would be honest enough to keep to their words.  i didn't take into consideration their gender.  now, when confronted by my calls and don's calls, the manager (ahem) does not return any one of our calls.  such competence, working woman.  it makes me think of michelle in american pie, but instead of using a flute...it'd be "this one time, at band camp, i stuck a carving knife stuck up my pussy"

oh, and both myself and don asked about a prepayment penalty...and we were both told there was none.  lo and behold, i called support two months after signing up...and was told that there was one.  these "businesspeople" are liars and they should not be representing any company, much less a national one.

know them by their fruits...why the fuck do you spell your name with a Y, when normal, uncomplexed people use an A?  because you're a feminist, a masculine wanna-be, you want to prove yourself TOUGH and STABLE, to rise above the fruits of your less-than-apt gender.  you want to be "just one of the guys," so you propagate the notion of a "strong woman" so it's accepted as commonplace through incessant repetition rather than incessant justification.

afraid of nothing...
...but an unmanly public image

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