including this little sound byte on my website was inspired by the gay chats.  well, the people in the gay chats.  i am in the gay chat rooms as a way to make friends, really, to find people to talk with, just as i work out on the equipment in the locker room at the gym for the same reason.

as jim says in this clip, sex isn't that important at all.  and trying to make friends via chatrooms (or even locker rooms)... where sex is at the front of everybody's a dumb idea, i know, but having no regular place to be where i'd interact with the same people day after day (like a job) leaves me with no other choice.  as i fear rejection too much to even approach people and say hi.

much like i can't understand how people on "reality shows" like big brother, etc, can take themselves and their responsibilities seriously, i can't understand how people can "cruise for sex" without being tongue-in-cheek about the whole thing.  ok, maybe not so much in the moment when you're face-to-face with your prey - ha - but try online in the actual chatrooms.  how can anyone take such a thing seriously?

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