michael savage called it "kramer's racist tirade," i'm sure you've heard of it, as a national pity-party followed.

who the fuck cares about "adults" whose emotional make-ups are limp enough to be offended by the rants of another?

someone just emailed from this site, calling me retarded - okay, my first impulse was to respond with a self-defense...
...but both homey and unfeigned pride "don't play that".

as hillary "can't worry" about socialized health bankrupting "every undercapitalized small-business in the country"...
...dyllary can't worry about how his "morally-bankrupt" lampoon will affect every undurable, limp mind in the world

don't be afraid of using "the n-word," my brother...
...just when you do, try to mention martinlutherkingjr.name - i need to be famous!
when i walk past people who i suspect are out to belittle and ridicule me, i don't acknowledge them at all
(that is why everyone thinks i am anti-social - i'm just rejecting them before they can reject me :-')

people who get offended are too used to being on welfare and accepting everything they're given

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