sorry, but when strong woman plays on the frailty of womanhood to ruin the life of a young and innocent man by throwing a phony rape charge on him, i have no choice but to pray for a combination switchblade rape and slow-moving strangulation of her.  and i'm sorry 'bout the attitude i need to give when i'm with you, but feminists make women totally disrespectable and therefore totally rape-able.

and if you're not a strong "strong woman," it makes no difference: the "strong woman" cannot achieve a competent level of strength either way.  the term is an irrational and fantasy-based buzzword lacking any kind of understanding or concept of reality.

this is but one story of the phony rape charges that permeate the courtrooms and destroy mens' lives

and don't tell me i am full of hatred, spewing venom like this as i do.  feminists are not without complex, the only difference between them and me is that they've orchestrated society's tolerance of their brand of hatred.

oh, and by the way, i am incapable of achieving a hard-on with strong women.  aren't they all strong women?  might as well be, if you spin for one then you should spin for all. i won't be getting off on the sentiments of rape that i've just expressed.  i'd get off on nothing but a gas chamber/rape room for evidenceless 'date raped' girls.

i'm sorry if you think i'm a threat to your well-being, bitch, but you think christmas is a threat to your well-being.

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