i posted this page at 10 o'clock the day after the incident happened.  sorry for not being more punctual.

okay, so yesterday i went to this mailing store that mailed packages via ups and dhl.  the guy at the front counter who i guess was the owner was not really giving me a straight answer to anything.  i asked him if there was a tracking number he could give me so that i could know it was sent and is on its way, he said that the tracking number was on the package... which it was, since the company i was sending to sent me a shipping label.  i realize now i should have asked for shipping insurance, since that was what i wanted in the first place.  like i'm gonna trust someone to make sure it gets shipped.

well, hours later i looked up the tracking number online.  lo and behold, it was not shipped.  the $100 motherboard i wanted to send back to ibm.  well, i called ibm and they checked the Net: "Post not found".  was this a case of anti-gay discrimination, i am quite sure it's not a secret in this community that i am a homo.  i mean, i've planted advertisements for my site all over, i've left them at the kinko's across the street from the place they checked the Net: 'Post not found'.  i've left them downtown, i advertise my site in the gay chat rooms from coast to coast.  maybe this was a case of anti-NetPosters.  er, bloggers, though i never liked that word.

oh well, i guess i'm not out anything.  now i know to ask for insurance, especially when i go to that place, so when i'd check the Net, "Post not found" will not be the message i get.

some companies really ought to check the maturity-level of the people they employ.  i think he's a masculivoid too, for he wears a wedding ring but calls all the guys that enter his store, "big guy".

flaming or just effeminite, his store will Post Nets of losses from me, as i will not go there anymore.  and mmaybe you shouldn't either.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now