okay, so we all know i get faxes through a company once called jFax, now j2 communications ( www.j2.com), i guess you know i can send through them as well, by scanning a document in and sending.  but, there is one thing i do that is simply awesome.  let's say i get a fax in my email, it's an image file of a paper i have to sign.  well, normal people would print it out and sign it, then fax it back.  but, i'm a freak.  so i open the image file of the fax i must sign, and i have an image file of my own signature on my computer, so i just copy my signature from the one image file and paste it where the signature is meant to go on the other.   and i fax it right back via the internet.

i wish you could feel the sense of "cool" that i feel, every time i do this.

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