are "strong women" really this shallow, to vote for a female president, with candidates' gender trumping everything else?

Single moms, disproportionately in poverty, burdened by the need for good daycare and schools, often rotting in minimum-wage jobs, are natural fodder for a woman Democrat who can identify with their plight and focus on their needs.

hmn, sounds just like the democrats' antipathy towards personal responsibility. "save single moms from the life they have created for themselves"

women demanding handouts to compensate for what they do not have, on account of being the STRONG AND INDEPENDENT WOMEN that they've been cultured into believing in and becoming.  reparations for feminism, if you will.

Fifty-nine percent (59%) of American adults agree with New York Senator Hillary Clinton’s call to raise taxes on wealthy Americans.  "And caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan you feel the spite tonight" "we will call on the government to compensate for the errs of feminism that we blame on men for not disclosing" - hillary clinton's campaign promise

here is where i take back all my pro-rape sentiment...because if you've no condom it is WRONG to rape a feminist.

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