chat regarding the renewal of the patriot act:

BlueAfterglow25: and just like I said after Bush stole Ohio in 2004, all gays will be going in those new detention centers

BlueAfterglow25: I'm not saying anyone is coming for us tonight, tomorrow, next week or next month..but the ground work is being laid so that you can be taken away and disappear

BlueAfterglow25: just like they took people away in Nazi Germany

BlueAfterglow25: It's all b/s...the 911 attacks, the lies about wmd's the reason we went to war, was so Bush could get rich and the neo nazis could take over..

and democrats say republicans play on peoples' fears to get votes.

one of 'em said "gross" after i said i stuck my razor's handle up my butt in the shower, others bashed me.
i said i would feel shame and embarrassment if the people who were belittling me weren't fudge-packers!

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