december 26, 2006

she carded me.

i was angry at my dysfunctional social abilities, and i thought i'd get a shot of vodka to see if i'd loosen up.  i went into the bar and asked for a shot of vodka, she asked for my id.  i am 32, should i be insulted?

i got it, finished putting all my cards back into my oversized wallet, stuffed the wallet into my pocket, then drank the shot.  3 bucks for a shot, that's highway robbery.  i'll be buying my own from now on.

i didn't stick around the bar to try to sniff anyman's hairy armpit, i just drank it and went home.  i think i will take a shot twice a day, it will either make me less paranoid about talking to people and saying the wrong thing, or it will provide me with an excuse i can use in case i do say the wrong thing.

i just ordered a free trial of JumpStart mood elevator.  i hope something changes.  i wanna be like steve stifler checking out the clubs in american wedding, "just relax, take it slow and let the good times roll...cuz daddy's a regular here".

well, the zetacap pills i ordered earlier this year made me skinny.  maybe these pills will make me unafraid to talk to people.  or else, i'll have to take a shot of vodka a day.

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