If I were a WOMAN, I'd have no qualms of calling my honest self 'strong'

i say: i just did 30 quick reps of 20 lbs. with my left arm. i was close to exhausting it, but didn't wanna take 3 seconds to curl once.

strong women say: The most I can do is 40 lbs with both arms for the last 6 max reps.

Wow! 40 ls is pretty impressive! I have never tried weights heavier than 5 lbs and I am looking to get a set of dumbbells.

I can curl between 30 and 40 lbs. I used two 15 LB dumbells-because the barbell alone weighs 45 lbs and that is too heavy for me.

I can do 40lbs, two 20lb weights in each hand. Tough though, but challenging - which I like.

My "max" (I haven't actually checked it) is 20 lbs - dumbell curls. I usually do 8-12 reps, but then for hammer curls I'm between 15 and 17.5lbs.
yes, the following stats are about 3 times better than my stats, though the page gives ONE SINGLE DATE (oct 1998) when she "started" lifting.   * to understand this, remember the calvin and hobbes cartoon found linked from my naked pic *

i say: i've been sedentary for 32 years and last time i was at the ymca i benched 60 lbs.

she says: i've been training for 15 years and can bench 180 lb (81.8 kg), bicep curl: 165 lb (75.0 kg)
here's a strong womman that is the "largest female bodybuilder in the world," she barbell curls at 185 for 1 rep.
that's 3 times as good as me, and look at how muscled i am!
so i looked online and couldn't find men who log 1 rep, but 4 sets of 6-8 reps i found at 90.
"strong woman" is a fallacy.

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