it's february 2007.  i've not gained weight back after losing 30 pounds in 2 months, i usually try to keep track of calories i take in.  i'm down to 134 or 135 now, i exercise too, but after i was done with zetacap i was like 145.

zetacap claims to shrink your stomach through your stomach's adaption to less food, i sure am not as hungry and can't take in too much now.  i have been looking for a meal-replacement pill like zetacap but costing less.  i've been reading online.

orange metamucil.  fiber.  google "metamucil weight loss" or something.  well, i did, so i bought a 5 dollar bottle of orange metamucil.  it says 1 teaspoon with 8 ounces water, but i took 2.  20 calories a teaspoon, 40 calories a "meal".  i'll give you an idea of the last 2 days.

it's 7:07 now, just so you know.  yesterday, i had a pretty filling lunch at around 2 or 3.  so filling, i was too full to eat for the rest of the night.  i think i had a hot dog bun a few hours later.  early this morning, 6 or so, i had 2 teaspoons of metamucil.  that's my breakfast, i was not hungry for anything afterward.  at 11:00 or noon, i took 2 teaspoons of metamucil and water.  i watched king kong and had a half bag of microwave popcorn.  there is a cookie jar in the kitchen and i may have had a total of 6 cookies.  it is 7:10 pm now, i just had another metamucil.

but not eating more than say 500 or 600 calories today, though i only had 2 of my seven minute exercise sessions, the scale has me at 1 or 2 less pounds now than i weighed this morning.  maybe it's a combination of "the gastric-bypass pill" and the metamucil.  i am merely stating facts such as they are.

*** i was stirring my vanilla meal-replacement shake from gnc and thought, "they should put fiber in this to further do away with hunger".  then i added my orange metamucil.  oh my gosh, what a dream.  it was like an orange creamsicle - what they called dreamsicles.

just so you know, i'm not bulimic, i am trying to be as thin as i can because i am building muscle and i want a firm behind asap.

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