ok, i was watching yet another special on anna nicole smith.  in a past interview, the interviewer asked anna if she thought it was weird to be married to her lawyer.  she said that, having been so alone, she was appreciative of her lawyer talking to her and presumably making her feel wanted.

that's exactly how it is with me.  no, i don't have a crush on my lawyer, just anyone from the clerk at the store who called me "kiddo" to to the guy who was looking at me as his car passed mine.  being as i don't get out much or talk to many, this is the closest thing to "comfort in those around you" as i can get.

oh, also, about trim spa and anna's weight-loss.  no, i do not even know what trim-spa is, but my weight-loss life started after losing 30 pounds in two months with the help of zetacap pills.  i've kept the weight off, i have been exercising - i have equipment in my room so that makes it easy to excersize.  five to seven minutes at a time, maybe six or seven sessions a day.  that's about a normal person's time spent at the gym.

i'm counting calories, usually staying between 800 and 1200 per day.  i do sit-ups, leg curls, tricep extentions, leg press, chest butterfly, incline chest press and bicep curls.  i need a pulldown, but i lost the bar to my weider machine.  i don't know where it is.

i am on my way to a firm behind.  i've seen so many today, i paid about 4 dollars to have 3 day porn access over the internet.  but you and i know that with the help of fraps, i have a vcr for windows media player.  in my defense, i will say that media is media, be it on tv or online.

i know, i know, i wrote the lyric saying "poor is the man who sexu'lizes manly fruitions he'd become of".  in my defense, i'll say that knowing is half the battle.  like gi joe.  ;)

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