i remember watching steve burns a lot, in the days inn north of nashville, when i first went down there in 1997.  but, i know i remember being mesmerized by his character on blue's clues at a gym in eastern maryland where it was on.  i think i drove to that gym from frederick, where i lived as a renter in the house of someone i met at the baltimore truck stop.   i can't help but think that gym was before i went to nashville and therefore before i stayed in frederick.  but i don't think so, after all.  so nashville was the first time my eyes were mesmerized.  i hate it when i take trips down memory lane, because it always makes me feel so empty.

anyways, steve has such a presence.  er, had...this was over ten years ago.  i watched him for hours in the north nashville days inn, the one that was right next to a waffle house.  i was mesmerized.  he was born in 73, i was born in 74, i guess i saw myself in him.  now, i know his character is one of stifler's - uh, dylan's - defining characteristics.  when i watch his character, i see mine.

oh, i forgot to mention, but i'm sure you know what my email alert has been since late 2000.

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