know what?  someone just viewed 1050 or so files of this website, and i haven't even been advertising today.

well, i can't really call it advertising, it's more ho'ing around.  i'm hungry for gay sex, and i respond to every ad on craigslist that interests me.  i go to craigslist, pick a city, click men4men, and once i get to the page with the sex ads, i right click, view source, and copy the source to the clipboard.

i open notepad, paste, save, delete everything before the actual ads, delete everything after the actual ads, and save again.

then, i highlight the following: <p><a href=" and replace it with pers- and voila, i have half an email address of a gay guy.  i then take my 'wildcard replace' program, and replace everything after the ad number [which follows the m4m/ i just got rid of] with - which gives me the other half of an email address that will reach a gay guy.

this little feat takes one or two minutes.  craigslist won't let me send more than 20 or 25 emails to, so i copy around 20 addresses and paste them all in the TO: field on a letter.  i have a mail program that sends individually, etters with more than 50 addresses in the TO: field, so the gay guy who receives the letter does not see the other addresses that the spam was sent to.  this little feat takes a long time, sending my letter to the 100 ad numbers turned to email addresses, since i have to keep copying, pasting and switching sending accounts.

it's worth it, though.  nobody seems to respond with interest, and the ones who do respond with a desperado, sex-starved attitude that i could do without.  so, maybe reaching so many people won't put me with the man i seek.  i guess i'll be giving it up.  though, whoever viewed 1050 files, maybe he's writing a letter to me right now - if he writes to me and we hook-up, that'd make all the time i've wasted doing this dumb idea of'd make it all worthwhile.

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