wow, this one takes the cake.  i signed up for a class to get certified as a personal trainer in june.  i got lost on my way there, so i called and asked if i could get refunded.  they said no, that i could only exchange it for another class date.  so, i registered for the one beginning in october that i just went to.

i wore my "if women can unabashedly call themselves strong, all i need is a sex change" shirt.  when i was talking with the female teacher waiting for the door to the classroom to be opened, i got a vibe.  i purposefully sat in the front of the room, telling the teacher that i have trouble seeing, but i really just wanted the back of my shirt with all the domains to this site in plain view of the people in back of me.  oh, maybe 15 minutes into the lecuture, she was talking about something or other and said "but they can't help it if they're men," or something.  so i stayed as much as i could, drawing attention as much as i could, once i excused myself to go to my car and get my book that i conveniently forgot.  but, after staying maybe 20 minutes, i couldn't put up with school anymore.  so i left.

i thought i'd be kissing $500 away, i was sure of it, but by wednesday i got a call from KSU trumball, saying that since the class is so intensive, i am not allowed to miss a class - and they're refunding my money.  last time i asked about that, they said i could miss one class.  i could start a commotion and demand to be let back in, since the rule is i can miss one class, but i want the $500 rather than publicity.  i'll get it, i've already gotten about 140 page accesses from warren the same day i got the call.

note to self: college campuses.  if you go there, hits will come.

check out my site, , unless you're there now