When cops pull you over for something, what can you do but accept the citation?  that's how i felt, it does no good to go to court to fight it, but i just wrote a little letter to the police department.  i posted it on my website so i'll always have a copy in case i have a computer crash.  i guess i should come to terms with being famous, i relish in the open arms i get from some (even though i see it as inappropriate to try to make friends with people on their jobs), i guess i should learn to protect myself from the people who have pride to protect and will do what they can to inconvenience me.

To Whom It May Concern,

On December 1, 2007, I went through a yellow light that probably turned red right after I went through it. I was making a left, and I continued maybe 1/3 of a mile, when I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw a policecar with its siren on, coming around the bend. So, I pulled into a deserted lot atop a little hill and waited. When the policeman came out of his car and was walking towards me, I had it in my head that I was driving too fast, and I apologized as he was walking to me. When I learned he pulled me over for running a red light, saying that his light was green, I stumbled for a second trying to gather my thoughts.

Now, I paid the ticket because everyone I asked said it’s a losing battle to fight with a policeman about a ticket. I now have 3 points on my license for a violation that someone made up. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, his light may have just changed to green when I was in the middle of my left turn, but I am certain that I was over the white “stop here” line. I know I was over it, because I was watching the light to make sure it did not turn red. If it did turn red, I know I would have been in the wrong.

I am close to putting cameras in my car, in case this happens again. But, I paid the ticket and submitted to accept the points on my spotless license. What I am writing for, is because I fear I am a target for immature shenanigans being pulled by authority figures with chips on their shoulders. And here’s how I got there:

I have an offensive anti-gay, anti-feminism, anti-liberal website that I market with the shirts I wear in public, and online in the local gay chat rooms and on Craigslist occasionally. It makes me feel good when people I have never spoken to, for example, refuse to put the foods I buy at Sheetz in a bag…making the checkout girl do it herself. That display of emotion is understandable, because young people don’t know how to swallow their pride and do their service-related job in spite of the way they feel about the customer.

It’s the same as the time it was my turn to go at the stop sign, but the person 2nd in line on the other side started going just as the 1st in line passed me. But, when you have a police”man” writing you a ticket as a token of the same spiteful immaturity as the adolescent clerk or the immature driver, that’s completely wrong.

I am writing this letter anticipating being given another phony citation. I realize I could have gone to court, but being brain-injured since age 16, I cannot present myself, speak, or comprehend in the way that I would be expected to in a courtroom full of grown-ups.

I am writing this letter anticipating being given another phony citation. I went from 2004 til 2007 without getting one, a big improvement from my days as a newly brain-injured young-adult when I almost lost my license, and though I can’t think quickly or organize my thoughts enough to “make my case” in court, I can on paper.

This is my representation of exactly what happened on December 1, 2007, so you would have prior knowledge of the past if in the near future I am given another phony citation. I am willing to pay the ticket and have 3 points on my license, making my insurance go up, because I feel representing myself in court would be futile, even though I did nothing wrong.

Maybe tell your policemen not to pick on people they disagree with politically. I wrote this letter to let you know about the predicament I feel I am in, call me paranoid, but we’ll see. It’s better to state how I feel in my bedroom with 3 undeserved points on my license, than to state how I felt with 3 points as I’m in the courtroom with 6.

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