when i had first gotten to nashville in the summer of 1997, before the retard home, i remember being at the downtown ymca a lot.  i remember this big strong blond man, maybe he was 27, sitting in the big gray bathtub which i guess was some kind of whirlpool for one.  i was sitting in the sauna maybe 7 feet behind the bathtub.  there were a bunch of other guys in there with me, i was focused on the blond.  i think he must've seen my reflection in the window in front of the bathtub, he had to have known i was staring at him, he kept standing up and sitting back down - what an amazing ass.

this is my goal.  a behind with dimples on it.  i know, i know, there's my quote from one of  my "justify my love" parodies, it goes something like this: "poor is the man who sexu'lizes manly fruitions he'd become of".

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