this is gay porn.  but it came from a video, the "man" was rubbing his fingertips atop his asshole and sticking his fingers inside.  all i could think of was his hands, unclean and unhealthy and smelly.

slowly, he was caressing his asshole, slowly sticking his fingers up his chute, it's not a disgusting act, i do it, but watching it as porn - the people who get off on this stuff, you'd think they would shit sweet-smelling coconuts or melons.  i do it in the shower, by the way, not for thrills but after cleaning my chute with my shower-dong.  but seeing someone's finger caress and go up their poop-chute...that's just disgusting - wake up and wash your hands.  i don't care if he douched, the vision of a finger slowly sliding up a poop-chute, just makes me cringe.  maybe i'm not a real homo.  ;-')

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