ever since i walked into the courthouse and struck a clueless pose to legitimately ask for directions to an office,
the doorman i asked recognized me from gay chat and has been blabbing to the chatrooms about my demeanor.
this is our chat:

AirportBeaverCounty: hey dipshit
AirportBeavercounty: hey dipshit
AirportBeavercounty: I know who you are, and where your family is
AirportBeavercounty: I'm contacting them, with all the printouts of what you've been up to
AirportBeavercounty: you're going to have a lot of explaining to do
myboneybehind26: please don't they'd ground me for life!!!
AirportBeavercounty: and in case you think I don't know...
AirportBeavercounty: I know the settlement is in the county courthouse

i'd been a little freaked by this guy, i did not know that a courthouse doorman had no access to anything important.
i'd been a little freaked by this guy, since i am apt to speak of my settlement when the others in chat ask why i have no job.
i'd been a little freaked by this guy, but i was only at his courthouse for a case that's still pending.  now i know i'm safe.

myboneybehind26: oh no! you know everything about me i am at your mercy PLEASE ODN'T!
AirportBeavercounty: you'll be in protective custody soon
myboneybehind26: no i don't wanna be what can i do to make you not tell authority figures/???
AirportBeavercounty: cause you'll be declared incompetent to be on your own
AirportBeavercounty: disappear off gay.com forever....you and your 200 profiles
myboneybehind26: i know that - i don't wanna be deemed incompetent! please don't tell anybody i am unable to be on my own!
AirportBeavercounty: look smart guy...I'm taking steps to contact the family...your smart ass attitude is done
myboneybehind26: if you won't do that i can make a deal with you
myboneybehind26: hello
myboneybehind26: hello
AirportBeavercounty: oh, this ought to be good
myboneybehind26: name your price
AirportBeavercounty: I told you..you delete your 200 gay.com handles on here, and you never come back
myboneybehind26: how do you delete
AirportBeavercounty: you know exactly how to
AirportBeavercounty: you keep creating them
myboneybehind26: my facilitator creates them for me
AirportBeavercounty: which personality is that?
AirportBeavercounty: and this is yet another thing I'm sending to your parents
AirportBeavercounty: you need help

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