i was planted in a gay meeting website, not exactly advertising with mention of my site, since the moderators don't allow web addresses.  but just planted in there to get exposure.  someone sends me an email, and soon i am rubbing my pants against my hard-on to his naked videos.  i blew it, and everything shut down.  i said to myself "all i need is porn, it takes two minutes, whereas i'd have to waste at least an hour with someone else".  i wouldn't think it a waste, however, until after i'd blow it, but either way...

so from that "all i need is porn," i thought of doing something like "all i wanna do is quickly cum" or something to that effect.

all i wanna do is shag a bigger hunk who's strong and wide
that's a goal, there
it's apropos, my lusting for twenty-eight years thrilled for
all the firm-type builds in billy-boy mags that sunk me
i would say, "mummy, i'm weak," and i shuddered thinking
"never i'll be brave and tough in my whole life"
and i was really fearing dudes who moved me
they were gods and gave me a giant hard-on
and the good people of the world said, "gosh, you are hard cuz you're just gay"
frozen, i mumbled, "i'm depressed," they went and told the suit
the guy said, "try this prozac or luvox"
now i am so sleepy, best ignore you
cuz you ain't touching on dylan's true needs

cuz all i gotta do is man-become
i got a feeling i gotta grow-up some
all i gotta do is man-become
i wanna be my man and my only one
all i gotta do is man-become
and then self-love would just override the man who once made me charmed

i like a good clean buzz, surely is what's brawny
it thrills me just to see the mirror saying "brawny's the buzz"
i bet i'm not as strong, and unlike everyman i can't throw what's five pounds
twenty feet, but (word) wow, dude, i lift bigger than girls
moaning and cursing mens' power as they're watching the lot of unbutch men
cuz it's spin for their cause
they're unhappy fuckers, low'ring the bar
dangerous as soldiers, under-muscled
they're artless, they just want manly gonads

cuz all they wanna do is man-become
i got a feeling they gotta grow-up some
all they wanna do is man-become
they wanna be a man, not a lowly hun
all they wanna do is man-become
and their self-love says, "hun, you're woman, a man who's tough's in your heart"

other words, our hearts are scarred
i'm gay cuz i'm slight and not par with dudes
the act'vists for the sluts who say "equal's what we are"
are fucking buffoons!

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