"i was so sick and tired of living a lie" is the lyric that inspired a song about Strong Woman (it's capitalized now, because 'strong' is not an adjective describing 'woman,' just the two words must go together without question.  kinda like "global warming")

"and your ball-caps and relentlessness won't change anything"

i'd get my spite on out by being StrongWoman
as hell's angel was thirsty to see me screw god with sin
there was pride in my life and i was so damned insane
trying to scoff dudes, their strength
and i saw my fibs get a little scorned
when i saw the chinese just couldn't get me that strong
mind is so over matter, can't lift like a guy
it was given that i can fight

it's amazing, we can kick and we fight, society deems us "guys"
it's amazing, men can throw us up high, if they only were as light
it's amazing, and i'm saying a prayer for our desperate heartfelt spite

StrongWoman's got a third of mens' buffed strength, and
well, now minds rectify our broken strength
strength to girls is not a lift of eighty
cuz it just might sell, strength is a mental thing

we had to learn to fall, but we just learned to talk
but we just couldn't spin all the lord's male-righteous thought
we were doubting the priests, just striving for pride
happy to say, "we're guys"

it's amazing, though our bickering lies, society deemed us "guys"
it's amazing that the moment's arrived, jail you'll go if you deny
(it's amazing i'm not saying a prayer for the feminists all to die)

"and your ball-caps and relentlessness won't change anything"

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