i walk a lonely road, the only love that i have is at home
don't know where to go - but for social things, well i fear and hope
i gawk at men i see on the boulevard of lost esteem
cuz the man i be does satisfy not much, and i'm feeling low

i walk alone, i walk alone...

my chateau's only place i feel invited
my sadness stops the only thing that keeps me
alive, i wish someone out there will find me
til then i walk alone

i'd walk on out tonight, ask the guys if somewhere is nearby
just to humanize - they'd say yes, and then i'd walk alone
read between the lines - i'm fucked up, i'll never be alright
'less the guys would try to know i'm dylan, try and i'm not alone

i'm not alone, i'm not alone...

my chateau's open, mates, you're all invited
my sadness stopped, these people really need me
i'm psyched, and since someone out there did find me
dylan is not alone

i walk so many streets, each a boulevard of self-esteem
where the city speaks a "hi" or "yo," because well i'm not alone

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