i wore my pink ribbon, "sever them, biotch" shirt to the deli, the checkout girl glanced at it and i could feel her rage as she "handed" my change back to me a little too forcefully.  so i wrote a song. i have to start a clothing line. like madonna. ha.

you've got me playin emotions
deeper than i've ever dreamed of
you let me play your emotions
higher than mariah can hum

i feel good, i feel nice
i've never felt so full of life
thank the lord for the rise
i got from baiting all your prides

i feel i'm 19
when i fuck your self-esteem
it's my goal to be mean
see the pride you feign as deemed a lie

you've got me baiting emotions,
seeing what you've ever become
you've got me deeming all your fronts
lies for selfish esteem's life-blood

i've been scorning for the rise
you get from hate-speech on my site
but when i'm willing, i'll be nice
i need your hard build next to mine

i feel i'm 19
when i fuck you tenderly
i don't care if you're queer
cuz i like the way you feel inside

dude's got me creaming an ocean
bringing me the sex i dream of
dude's got me feeling exper'ence
tried it, i'll dissect what's gay-love

i know i'm gay, it makes me true-to-form
when i'm looking into your eyes
i'll make you feel...so...scoooorooooooooroooooooooroooooorned
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