i wrote it after visiting the bank one day.  i was used to being treated nicely with a degree of familiarity, but today i got weird, borderline angry, looks from the lady at the counter and subtle rudeness from the one who was closing my backup account.  i just hope the banker i have a crush on, does not act the same way.  i am sure they got a look at my website, nothing else could have changed their attitudes towards me as much.

i was working with them for my llc bank account, for the longest time.  my llc is www.jaggedlittledyl.com, i don't know why it took them this long to check it out.  in the words of steve stifler, after waiting for the dog to shit out the ring, "it's about goddamned time".

note to god: please do not be offended, it's stifler - steve stifler i have identified with.

now that their respect for me is "all shot to shit," i actually feel i'd be able to ask the banker i like if he wants to exchange emails.  he wasn't there today, next time i see him i will know by his attitude if he would be willing or not.
oh yeah, then there's the old guy down the road who ALWAYS outstretched his arm and waved as i drove by.  a little too enthusiastically, i wondered about him...now he completely ignores me and i do not wonder anymore.
oh yeah, then there's the guy who treated me so special in his workout store when i was interested in inversion tables for vertical sit-ups.  i emailed him purposefully from my dylanswebpage.com address, he responded once and even thanked me for emailing.   maybe after the first response, he got a look at my site.
oh yeah, then there's the guy at radio shack, who was curious about my stifler's mom shirt, with the words, "come up and e-me sometime...dylanswebpage.com".  he said he'd check out the site, i got no e-mail and next time i saw him in radio shack, he arms were not as open as they once were.

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