i can't stand it.  when i get an idea to parody a song just by its title, thinking i know what it's gonna turn out to be...it usually does not turn out to be what i intended.  this song is a case-in-point, it was going to be about the dream of this website becoming famous and scoring me a record-deal.  the first two lines touch upon it, but then it just switches direction.

while in these days of cyber-meditation
as i wonder when the world will give credit
i search everywhere for one new fascination
but it's more than my brain-injury can give
cuz i need a cause for celebration
and some comforts that can truly keep me psyched
i can drive like i did back at eightteen
but i feel it's an imaginary time

i know that everybody has eightteen
everyone looks back with glee
everybody has eightteen
but eightteen, nineteen, alone
and twenty, alone
twenty-three, all alone...missed youth

in my jimmy, on tour i yearned for strangers
cuz just a word from dudes would bring a better day
and as a guarantee maybe friends i'm making,
we'd leave our clothes and tumble by the bay
so let me drive and let me go on dreaming
and i will lose myself in fantasies i've had
cuz all the fantasies that i have of people
will make the social hours easier...easier for chat

i know that everybody chats carefree
everybody chats carefree
everyone don't chat like me
but missed-youth's my reas'n, i know
running free with no
roots, i'd be all alone...now i'm grown, missed youth

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