emailed for his website
he's a felon
thought threats would make it way-hyped
he'd wanna make you whine
he'd wanna make you shiver and moan
cuz then you'd like-
ly talk and start a buzz, who knows?

and i feel like he only, only, only made a blunder
but i feel like he'll so amount to nothing

he's a felon
he wants to make it known, his site
he goes sellin
no one yet wants to buy

this man paints his picture
rid'culing lib'rals
through the spite you send him
he can see offense hits home
this man has your number
this man's wit is rare
he yearns to study his gay life to look through yours

and i feel like he's simply drifting, drifting in this world
and i feel like his inners drown with hurt

emailed for his website

this man isn't P.C.
this man bashes people
the fems and the fags and the blacks
he's a jerk, that's right
this man's hateful heart
his will just won't be done, it's wrong
he damns all the bleeders
cuz they call for special rights

but these are the days when the walking contradictions
make jesus pro-gay and the tootse of comp'tent muscle

this spite is where end-days begin

this man paints a picture
he views the lib'rals
turned upside and head un-
der their feet, leg'slating soul
this man's faggot colors
this man's trite and scared
he yearns to study his gay life as if it's ours

he is obscener with imagination
screws our pride with venom, but his email made him choke
he's a felon

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