it was between a parody of madonna's "more" (go I'M BREATHLESS woohoo)
or motley crue's "don't go away jealous, just go away"

once upon a time, i had plenty of nothing
which was fine with me because
i was little school's kid, plus i was a star in its' kit kat club
i was the leading guy as the queer emcee
that was then, but next comes a time to bleed

then i got mine, and wow, i got plenty of plenty
wasn't fine with me cuz i'd miss years of
a kid's life with it - so look, my money's got with some mis'ry

"who could ask for anything more," i hear you query
"who could ask for anything more," well let me tell you, dearie...

got my dimes and got a lot, got a fine settled score
i'm not happy with what i lost, you had yours
count your blessings, not my things, i just hate when you mourn
any guilt-trip is on deaf ears, because you had yours
because you had yours

i'm no actor or singer, i've been so much belittled, my ambitions are lost
keep the dream from drowning, it's the plan i can't see sprouting


i'm a little schoolkid, true, cuz my lobe-frontal's torn
got the prides i had in high school, now however i'm seen as fool
"dork" will ever be how i'm viewed, i'm nothing better than your soph'more
nothing better has formed

once i loved my life of youth, was hit/flew right through the fiberglass at dawn
i died, was reborn - my head was bruised, friends i would lose


since i got a million and i can walk,
madd'ning lips will bill it as baseless, gratu'tous:
"every dollar, give it back, filthy sloth,"
"you don't even live the hell the docs concluded"


"never victim, ever you've replentied"
"since you're not in shame, lose it all"
"happiness is working for your pennies"
"and if you want my blessings, couldn't you just relinquish it all?"

oh, i see how you're meaning
that you scheme jealouseedy
and you're mocking my fall
funny my own brothers forget i still recover


each possession, don't forget, stems from hardships galore
fact i'm squinting as i write this
friends i've never formed, i can't live
something's tell-tale about what's been
it's nothing physical, more soph'more (soph'more dork, dork)
ever soph'more dork
and then, once i had my all (brat be scorned)
you would try to say it's wrong (brat's too charmed)
get over my bliss, the sum i've been gived
and have balls
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