i was alone in my room, staring at the windows desktop

when i'm alone in my room sometimes i stare at the wall
and in the back of my mind, i hear my conscience call
telling me i need to earn self-esteem through produc-
tion, i turn out fixing rhymes i'll sing to tunes of

number ones, billboard's kings that found a way
fast to my brain and to my heart, and i can shape them my way
i'm a songwriter, i (english accent here) can't play a damned verse
so i just help myself to their tunes, fuck their words

i begin with a line or just a title that's tweaked
what is known is that it's never finished as my thoughts dreamed
making hateful speech 'prehended as a truth
hoping that my satire says just a "fuck you"

playing with scorn, ridicule and wit here,
b'littling the wanna-bees who gotta be fierce
although i'm scoffing what's remiss about their beings, i found
that my fire has grew from what soul's about

it cries, my soul, because my soul ain't whole
one half of me is hurting for the dreams gone unhoned
so the other half has to compromise joy
so i scorn my selfs, the gays, women, we wanna be boys

we need love
we need love

gonads, self-reliant thinks
we want to pride for the worlds that make us incomplete
dudes who lack what's mack-tough get boned by who's tougher
don't say affirmed action makes up the "strong" in womens' muscles

we live like we're jokes, but how we care about esteem
"kiss my ass," we scream when they say, "girls are so meek"
it's deja vu, feminism and q
prideful ho's stick together when it's screw or be screwed

cuz where we're at is neither fe nor male
i can't see our minds as anywhere
damn sure, us gays so want men inside of our cunts
these grunge-girls, all really say "we have nuts"

if we don't know who we are, we won't go say it's obscene
change the task of self-love to connive identity
self-esteem is done, replaced by pride
and as for christ's troupes, i'm gonna jail all their narrow minds

i need love
i need love

i wanna win youths, so Q ever-molds truth in grade-schools
suck up to dems who've less rules that bug youths
rise over parents' b'liefs of old
if they're not having sex at 3, they've got self-loathes

--------- SATAN'S RAP------
"grab your demon, make the choice to heed commands
love your money or love lusting, just get god smacked
i see my ruby-red eyes scream "satan calls"
i much adore "man 4 man" - berates god's cause

i watch the gay pride taint the child
queers own self-love's nothing but feelings of selfish pride
as god bleeds, i moan in ecstacy achieved
he is scoffed as a dildo penetrates bart's ass-cheeks

i like when semen is H I V positive there
gay things dis their whole sex-lethalness with condoms, few go bare"

sphincter's brown soil makes everything smell
i swear that q-ness is something that i want to forget

i need love
i need love

see how i think? my gay-pride is no longer
a gayboy i begun, my free-love made a scorner
friendship, trust, honor, respect, admiration's
been what i've needed, it's been why i'd masturbate men

don't scoff because it's bound to tee-off queer man
who always needs male stimulus to loosen his act
the best dude has my name, because esteem is much
my body's needing no boner up my heiney-crust

cuz a man who understands guys ain't frozen with blinders
they meet face-to-face, they don't melt with desire
if i find a girl, i swear, i'll be a true man
i'm not gonna be no more gay bleeding-man

i can't sit and wait for my princess, i'm too fly
i gotta stay home and write more parodies of life
won't search for my girl cuz my web's my world
and i finally found the top mountain, my perch

i found love
i found love

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