she's got much the skill to say strength and manly builds
don't make the strong
she seems so content with the scars that stain her sound ego
she levies masc'line stock, scams soci 'ty
just because she needs esteem
lord, i wish she would be more contemptuous towards femin'ity

she don't need a bike to spin
we won't say things to hurt her pride
her muscles won't grow, but she'd like testosterone:
"i wanna be a guy"
we make such compensations, as army-man is twice as apt
when i say these notions, she'll threaten a court's motion
she don't need a bike to spin

she couldn't carry me when i had been out from beatings
to the head
she sure ain't no soldier's pride -
happiness ain't women saving men
just when she thinks she's feeling proud
she fails to be the man she wants to be
she still thinks she's right-fine:
"you were beat because you're weak"

she don't need a bike to spin...

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