inspired by the transvestite saying, "i'm more man than you'll ever be"

you say i won't be nearly a strong dude
you say i've no stones or gay-pride, so...

well, i saw that guy melt your will good
and i saw that he froze your world
and now i know you're bleeding
and i know gay-pride is nothing strong,
cuz you dis you when you kiss dudes

you say i won't be nearly a strong dude
you don't fill your void, so gay's the quencher
and you're living like you're running
from being one healthy male
you don't understand that to be your man's
the only real self-love and you don't/won't have that

and i, i learned that gays' own self-love
is learning how to be proud
as "strong woman"s own gym's a guy-phobe
brothers with muscles, strong women plan to hate
muscles on guys will make strong women feel shame
some of them shudder when their meeker little muscles
true the guys as winners, ladies as scorned
well, um, gays are like that,
they think they're emboldened, but they're dolts

and you thought it'd live forever, no front can last for long
you try to tell us that you're better
well, that's not taken anyhow or anyway as truth

you said that i was naive as you talked like you were strong, oh!
i thought, "wait, guys who need guys are na've"
oh, cuz men internalize their schlongs
get a grip, dude...yeah, don't kiss dudes

you said i'm tawdry and you're lofty, but you're gay enough to know
you cry to live without a wiener, but really it's your own -
you don't compare to dudes
and you say "gay"

you say i won't be nearly a strong dude

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