i wasn't "horny," what i knew was that i was longing for identity.  my mind kept playing back the cashier when i bought my last dumbell, how he was trying to talk to me and stuff.  i even joined up a gay porn site, to see if i could catch a glimpse of normal human relations before the sex scene.  i didn't find anything, so i just watched the sex and humped the mattress again through my jeans.

while i was watching, i was dismayed that their armpits were smooth...and i thought to myself, "you may be able to get your identity - your sexual "missing link" - by sucking someone's dick like you're doing, but i'm not gonna find what i'm looking for," so i thought to do this song. 

i'd have mike ride my fountain - i would cum, prove my zeal
only if he's not smooth - don't be a female, dude
i was young, i was awed at the man's deep pits of brawn, these never spawned
no hair til twenty-two

and i still am not sound with my underarms
no, i still am not sound with my underarms

i had hid my armpits so i'd hear no laughs from other kids
it hurt my pride or my yearns for the guys' world
i had grown with a touch of hatred of my self, grown man had it better
i was scorned as a guy - and i hoped i would grow

and i still am not sound with my underarms
no, i still am not sound with my underarms

i believe that my queer-lust comes from all the blundered esteem i had once
feeling far from the best, i said "fuck it"
q came along and proved me gay, i went along and became male unnamed
there's no i.d. queer has

cuz i still am not sound with my armpit-hair
and we still are not sound with being a male
cuz we will be aroused by the other males
and we still aren't aroused by our inner-male

i've jerked off to every shirtless masculine image on my pc...except for one

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