once upon a time, i lacked plenty of muscle
wasn't fine with me, because i was ridi-
culed by jocks, had young smooth armpits til 21
i was a queer through spite and my jealousy
that was when to exercise blo-placebed

then time went by and now i can't bench much but sev'ty
which is fine with me, cuz it's building up
cuz dylan's willin, and look i'm buffed cuz i am so skinny

"who could ask for anything more," i'm nearly thinking
"who could ask for anything more," but i am still too weakie

got my biceps, got my quads, got a license to flaunt
i'm not happy with what i got, i'm not strong!
down with sexy, o-p-p, guys will also be whores
any lover will find me meek, i wanna be strong! i wanna be strong!

find anatom-agicians, my workouts have no rhythm, i find lounging ain't wrong
see, i'm much a doubter my workouts could last an hour
i'm not ridiculed or bruised, just because i'm headstrong
got gays' pride and we're both askew
now if ever i'm known as fool
yours will reckon i love my blues
a front to better my unstrong form
nothing betters for sure

young was fun, but i'm no youth
and since i've no youth's metabolife to flaunt
it's fitness i'll hoard - i'm not like dudes
i can't be too strong

only got a little time to get strong
man, i'd give a little just to be a doer
ever got ambition and only talk
doomed to be a kid - i'm never getting older

ever gay, then, ever want the mens' thinks
give me motivates of the strong
nappy-haired men happy me a-plenty
active dudes got my esteem, couldn't be psyched very much more

or does that sound too needy? that i need self-esteemie?
that i wanna reform?
gotta build them up, or these goals will burn in lust for

it's a lesson i regret i have seen taken form
lack what's super about the best, second-fiddle to your own sex
something's tell-tale about gayness, but nothing compensates for lost worth
(and then all that hurts)
except tall strong balls
expect once you have it all of the guys you've sexed before
have no place for dicks, you'd feel so remiss
as 'q' falls
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