ha.  i saw someone's gay profile calling george bush a retard, and i thought, "are you smart enough to be in yale".  well, harvard is what i thought, but gw also went to yale.

god, i feel i fell tonight
tears of rage i cannot hide
i've been so slapped, i've melted since you asked
"are you smart enough for harvard, man...or yale?"

w. ain't nothing bright
the ivy league's not childlike
dub-yoo, i say's no brain like that
he's not smart enough for harvard, yale

lie to me
i got this disbelief
lie to me
cuz he's a dweeb!

i have no place, no place to go
i said dub-you's dumb, now i won't
self-pride won't let me dis his grasp
i'm not smart enough for harvard, man...or yale

when i'm shown the facts, i just can't bear
to be throwing untruths everywhere
and i'm broken-down cuz i can't stand
that he's smart enough for harvard/yale

lie to me
i'm sorry i deceived
lie to me
but he's a dweeb!

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