regarding sheetz and the experience i had there:

it is 6:10 pm now, so i guess the incident happened around 6:00.

i tapped my order for a junior burger on the touchscreen, i went around back to get a drink, then i went up to the front to pay. i shoved the receipt for my burger into my pocket, and it was all in a ball when i took it out to give to the lady at the counter. she made a joke about it as she tried to unravel it and read it, and so did i when i said "well, you know that you can just give it to me for free". then she laughed it off, as i expected, so i laughed. she proceeded, in a jovial manner, to tell me that i'd better keep quiet, that i didn't want her to "chase me around" or "take me out" to the parking lot and "beat some sense into me".

i did not know how to respond, i remember thinking "is this a threat, is she serious, will i get in trouble by lifting my fist on a woman, even though it would be self-defense". i know threats are not considered "free speech," and half of me would like to report this incident. half of me says that i shouldn't, that she was only ridiculing herself. then i thought, "what if she was ridiculing me and making fun of my disability".

maybe because we were talking face-to-face, she being as frail as a kitten and me being a man, albeit disabled, maybe she thought i knew i couldn't possibly take her seriously. only a year and a half ago is when i started lifting weights and building muscle, before that i could barely curl 30 pounds with my right or my left arm. i was weak, and if i was still as frail as i was - i know right now that i'd have felt somewhat threatened by her words, "beat some sense into you".

i go to your store almost every day, have paid a lot of money to your company, and this is the thanks i receive. i have written once before about being treated like a peon by one of your employees, with an order not filled even close to accurately. and the other time i noticed it in my car, so i just went back in and got the order corrected - i did not write then.

i tell myself, "if you don't like how they treat you there, don't go there," but then i realize that sheetz is not high school, and none of your employees have any right to treat me the way i've been treated.

i have been mentally disabled since i was 16, this kind of behavior follows me whenever i am out in the public, but her words ["beat some sense into you"], well they are just inexcusable. i have sense and i do not need it beaten into me. if i did not have any sense, i would still be in the brain injury rehab hospital. if i did not have any sense, i would not be legally competent - yes i am legally competent, no matter what she thinks. and i can do anything that she can do, i can dress myself, i don't have to use one-handed shoe-tyinig anymore, i don't need a shower-chair, this angers me so much - the way i was spat upon today. it's people like her who say hurtful things - no, i'm not hurt, i'm angry - who give EVERY social misfit a reason to stay away from people and remain a misfit.

the more i write, the angrier i get. i expect a response to this letter, not like last time when i got no response, and if i do not get a response i will assume you do not care about the way your employees behave. let me tell you, just because the is no NAACP for handicapped people, NAAHP, doesn't mean you'll get off scott-free if your bully-employees discriminate against handicapped people.

i am the owner of my own LLC. i am not incompetent. i have no points on my drivers license, i can tie my own shoes the normal way, i am not incompetent and i am offended that your employee suggested such a thing. i could just let it go, the threat she gave to me, but not her questioning my competency. if you do not respond to my email this time, thinking that if you ignore me then i'll go away, you've got another thing coming. a BIG thing. i've said all that i can think of to say.

you can fax 888 246 8469. or you can just email from the contact form on my website, seeing as i have filters on my main email account to fend off people who like to taunt [like your employee]. that would guarantee my receipt of it. my website is i ain't too proud to fret

check out my site, , unless you're there now