she lives for spinnin' what she lacks in brawn
makin' "strong" mocked and mauled
lives for her pride, spites testosterone
her head's a nervous wreck, but she's never told
cuz hun's a victim, protected class
quits the y for a no-man's land
mocks guys all day - mocks, brags and scorns
has on a smile to hide all emulous thought
the last to go admit she really thirsts self-love
and i thought i was dumb

she's "strong" without brawn, i know it now
and her 'strength's just one thing she spins aloud
there was a time, back before i knew lies,
when i thought i was nuts

she sat there, cried, feared the most
the doctor let her know her breasts could go
she'd have to slice her tits or she'd have to die
god tells me it's pence for all this woman-pride
"the whore, she's in my church,"
"she lives for sin, she's not my girl"
"no woman fears nowadays"
"and her pride she feels will make her saved"
"never once said grace, but dudette wants my love?"
and god said "that's just nuts"

she stormed out the door and moaned aloud
"woman-strength made me think i can't go down"
there was a time, back before i knew lies,
my pride jus'fied my "tough"

she's a gentle word, the sweetest kiss,
that's well-enough, repent your spin
she may not cry, she may not break
but don't tell lies, she'll never be strong

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