this one's dedicated to "rosie the riveter" and her feminazi following

the "sleeveless choices of shirts" lines were inspired by someone asked to put a shirt over his tank in a restaurant full of many strong women wearing tanks.

strike the pose!
strike the pose!

look around, everywhere you turn's a strong dame
she's everywhere that you go
you try everything you can to berate
her claims as strife-based, although
she'll bawl and hail all the thought-police
once you've said that strength ain't treadmill-made
i know her ways, she feuds with what she ain't
because she can't more than she can, it's norm, so

come on, pose! let photogr'phy prove she can do it
feign, feign feign!
come on, pose! let photogr'phy boast she's so bold!
"we know she can do it"

all you need is your own imagination
to prove who's battered is strong
free your mind for the drive to give placation
her dreams and hopes are for brawn
she'll name you 'bigot' if you brag your might
with sleeveless choices of shirts
but when truth is something that can prison for life
you'll sweat super-hard to mask what you are [you know it]

come on, pose! let photogr'phy prove she can do it!
feign, feign, feign!
come on, pose! let society boast she's hero
"we know she can do it"

beauty's scarce in minds of broads who plan to be like guys, cuz
self is halfway physical, that's why i feel transsexuals
in their souls have self-loathes, so
that's what spawned the dance "vogue"

let photogr'phy prove they can do it
feign, feign, feign!
come on, pose! let society boast for life-lows
"we know we can do it"

beauty's scarce in minds of dudettes with male rivals

rosies rivet as a joe - speak out, you're a womanphobe
charlie's dads are thought to be model lovers, bash them and be deemed
hate-selling, far-obscene, in for some reprogramming
be wary, you'll be scared after-hours - say your prayers
maybe pride that needs maintained is ashamed to face the waves
all real'ty that can prove ev'ry hate-term's solid roots
gay things will not cater to, faggots will not deem as truth
don't just stand there, rise above it, strike a pose and feign self-love, then


ooh, you've got to let photogr'phy prove you can do it!
ooh, you've got to prove self to 'ciety, boast you're the most
ooh, you've got to POSE!

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