i realize i'm beating off with you
i won't be boning, though i like your youth
you're spreading legs as to invite
like nothing always hides inside your cheeks

and i know that maybe one thing is your drive,
i've been trying to buck mine for the longest time
cuz although you make my hard-on move
and lust will make me slide it way up you

well, your turds get in the way
there's so much that's wrong with gays
when they're hot for a guy, they'll want to eat his behind
like they're all to love the stench
don't even start to cry,
i adore your ways and mind
i'll even say, "i love you,"
but your turds i will not lay

yoor farts are only hints of what's up yours
and maybe mine can be as grody, that's a norm
and despite my crass and flirty speech,
please know that i'm the tongue that's set in cheek

cuz your turds get in the way
i won't much be in your case
cuz i'm hot for you, guy, but really look at "gay pride,"
you might fall from what you've been
i mean to mock your "pride"
when i scorn your state-of-guy
i try to say, "i love you,"
with an urge to quit the gays

i'm trying to say, "i love you,"
with an urge to quit the gays

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