i realize a female shares my room
i know i dreamed for daddy's love to bloom
i'm elemental poster-child
but one who always normalizes 'queer'

while i know that dudes are tougher, girls are slight,
i've been trying to sell identity down nile
so, before you name my heart confused,
there's something i'm just dying to say to you

i just "happen" to be gay, you can't justify my ways
cuz i'm locked in my "pride," so if you open my eyes
i'll just scorn you as right-wing
the meaning of "strong" lies not in form, it's all in minds
that's how "strong woman" is proved,
we don't justify our say

my heart has always been a-longing for
a way to compensate my phony self-adores
cuz despite the fact i blurt "esteem,"
i show that i'm not the man of my dreams

but i "happen" to be gay, i've the gene that's called "man-praise"
so i mock not my pride whene'er my eyes open wide
around paul and bud and men
don't even mock gay pride as a scorn'ble web of lies
i'm sly to shape win from lose, i won't justify my way

she's right to shape win from lose, she won't justify her say

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