it was only last june when i started lifting weights
she couldn't stop crying cuz i blew her ten months away
ten 35s curls my left arm, then my right
she was mad at her strong-arm, ooh, cuz it couldn't even try

i'd ask her if she still wore the pants, but she'd yell and
call a lawsuit, cite my put-down, so self-control
keeps her scorned and my wallet primed

i'd say, "baby, don't waste your time,
i know girls want what's guys'
the navy's compromised by your inept 'pants,'
and you could never be as strong as i can"

hurts me so bad to be told i'm a bigoted guy
i am only speaking truth, but now truth borders on crime
tell her to make babies, she's offended like she's been raped
she'll never stop crying, StrongWoman has a Victim's brain

i asked her if V's in her pants or her head
"make fun," said she, "that's okay, you know and i know
that my lawsuit will shame your life"

i said, "baby, you ain't got pride
i know you want what's guys'
you wouldn't be compromised by the club All-Male
but you could never be as strong as a man

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