i guess i'll write limericks when i got something to say (or someone to bash), but i don't have the time or inspiration to write a song parody.
here's one i wrote about my sister, after she had a "life coach" call my cell and offer a free session over the phone to warm me up to more phone-sessions with a counselor 2000 miles away.   i showed it to my mom, she said "it makes no sense; you need to wake up, dylan, time is fleeting".  i said, "time is fleeting?  at least i am not wasting 4 years of it at a college to have a career in a profession that would leave me wanting to steal money from people who made the right choices in life.  which is the point of the limerick."

she said i need a life-coach

there once was a music therapist
who realized the sal'ry made her pissed
"four years for this job
i gave in clairMont,"
she said, and then she turned a soc'list
here's one i wrote about strong women:

there once was a "strong woman" lib
whose strength was a product of spin
she'd sue for 'scrim'nation
and cite condemnation
if she could bring her maker in
i was in the parking lot of wal-mart and overheard one say to another, "i hate the government and corporations"

there once was a marionette
i heard as he stood by his vette
"i hate bush's nation,"
"i hate corporations,"
he said, but in wal-mart he went
there once was a homo who smirked
"i'm better than you, i'm diverse"
his mind would opine
with nine diff'rent sides
all over the place was his church
this one's inspired by the dental aide who stole my sis from jeff

there once was a fem'nist named lily
who divorced and won what was billy's
the house and gold rings,
she paid for nothing
it's no wonder that she'll vote for hill'ry

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