gay sex to me is the starting point of any brotherly relationship.  that is what i use it for, anyway.  i have no other way of meeting people and i don't share any kind of bond as in a job or a daily place to be.  so i always wanna do it with everyman.  it solidifies the bond and differenciates between mere friendly chat and actual "i want you in my life" friendship.

but i have no friends.  maybe it's not the way other guys think.  i am kind of unable to start a conversation, out of fear i'd get little response back.   i picture myself when i am driving in my car, say, speaking to guys in the locker room.  it doesn't happen - it is inappropriate to try to make friends in locker rooms when they're naked.  one guy at a gym just started talking to me, just recently, he asked me to work out with him, but he didn't take the lead again and ask me to go anywhere.  though he was waiting in his car when i came out of the gym.

well, that's mysex.

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