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you can't judge a man until...

wanna see my butt, here's a teaser
i'll be anti-war when...
gawk, man, gawk
you can't judge a man until...

liberalism is to tolerance, as...

rejected curves slogans

i'm too young to remember the global cooling hysteria, but i'm sure it was one big inconvenient truth

made you look (picture of noose) it's better to be incompassionate than too compassionate

more fun than a barrel of severed breasts

so easy, even a girl can do me

breast cancer is the best cancer, because abortion raises its risk

masculine identity (everybody wants some)

miss nomer spins (pic of rosie the riveter) at the gym too

strong woman - #1 bachelor party fantasy, #1 science-fiction fantasy

on black friday, will the black market have a sale on slaves

R ecklessly A nnihilate P ink E mblems

legalize rape

strike the pose (pics of madonna vogueing and rosie the riveter flexing)

cannibalize a vegan

props and placebos and female soldiers (oh my)

three pro-rape anagrams

feminislam (perfect together)

petophilia (that ain't no crime

bitch killed my son (pic of pink scissors) bitch'll save on bras

i'm just saying...

singing is the one sport strong women score HIGHER

i'm not aroused by me, i'm aroused by men (identity, it's a heterosexual thing)

"i'm stronger than a woman" "stop making fun of my disability"

men should just accept that they can't give birth

strong women vs men, tomorrow at the ymca, it's either satire or cardio

misleading america Global Warming playing on our fears

feminism is a cancer that must be cut off

a woman can do anything a 78 year-old man can do

strong woman - too secure to flaunt her muscle (um...)

if they're gonna enlist illegals, why not women (neither one is a competent patriot)

namgla (me and a bunch of horny old pedophiles are still waiting)

if you're happy and you know it, BE YOUR MAN

it's not right but it's okay i am a victim anyway

#1 reason women lean left - they want socialized strength (or at least the criminalization of the notion of a stronger gender

more fun than a barrel of newborns' severed heads

she took a louisville slugger, so he took his louie and -- well, you know

risk affirming patriarchal endeavors

strong women at the gym don't need a bike to spin

wouldn't you like to be a minority too

i-yi recommend getting your pride trampled on, it's overdone

find a cure, or imply one

if female soldiers were needed, they'd be drafted

strong women want more laws protecting them from bullies #1 wimp

you don't have to be black to prostitute your victimhood


deface diversity

i'd be more sympathetic if cancer was sexually transmitted

if women can unabashedly call themselves strong, all i need is a sex change

save a fetus, abort a feminist

all i said was "justify your strength," Strongwoman sues me for "chauvanistic hate-speech"

denzel would like to thank the academy for their unwavering political correctness
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