i swear, by the moon and the stars in the sky, this pictures reminds me of wal-mart.  a strong woman and her little man were walking in the sporting goods section, and when strong woman got a glimpse of the dumbbells on the rack, how excited she was to lift one up and curl it.  like a little boy, or myself, doing the same thing to emulate the strong man he hopes to grow up to be.

i mean, she was maybe 23 or something, so i can give her the "grow up" part, but your hopes and dreams will be all shot to shit when the reality sets in of what masculinity has over femininity.

by the way, i have reason to believe that the ymca misrepresents the actual poundage on its dumbbells, in an effort to give strong women a facade of actually being strong.  40 pounds is easy to curl at the ymca, but 35 pounds at home gets a little difficult after a set of 8.

back to strong women

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