i'm not sure if this was sent by an actual california bimbo, but the time sent said pacific time.  i'm assuming.

Jennifer Ammann *ammannjennifer@yahoo.com*

what are you so scared of little man?
little man?!  oh, i'm anything but little!  how dare you regard men as little?!  you sure know how to slap people who think they're "all that" right in the face.  i'm tempted to email you and give you a piece of my defense-mechanism - i MUST let you know that your words have no effect on me.  i can use your words as a template.

it must be hard being you- trapped with your hatred of women
it must be hard being you - assuming on things you have no knowledge of and regarding those assumptions as fact.

with nowhere to put it except in a lame craigslist posting
my lame craiglist posting obviously hit hard enough for you to take the time to send a pair of "wonder woman" bracelets as a response.

where you can hide your invisibility
where i can hide my invisibility?  or behind invisibility?  hide my unimportance?   if i wanted to hide behind the invisibility that craigslist offers, i wouldn't have posted my url.   excuse me, i'm trying to hide my invisibility - i know i matter to no one - don't go emailing me and affirming the fact that what i say matters to someone.

and act as if you have any power in your own life.
power in my own life?  that sounds like gobbilty-gook, the kind that sounds derogatory enough to be deemed an insult, but lacks an actual meaning.  in other words, wtf are you talking about and do you even know?  of course not, you don't even know that i am a bedridden cripple lacking any kind of power, because you are just writing a knee-jerk reaction to something that offended you!

just reading your entry makes it clear that you are sexless and completely unattractive to women
ha, nice taunt.  does sex make your life worth living?  not me, BUT IF I WANTED TO HAVE SEX, I COULD!  ha.  is that what you were expecting?  i'm unattractive to everybody because my behind is not firm.

forcing you to get off with toys or dolls
without sex, without ejaculation, i am nothing and i have no self-esteem.  and you're sure not giving it to me.  i thought i had auto-delete set for any responses coming from craigslist, because hatemail just adds to my depression.  i should just quit posting on craigslist.

or simply with your hateful and murderous fantasies where you can finally enact revenge on all the STRONG women you wanted to fuck who would never give you the time of day.
this is how i know my craigslist advertising doesn't work, because if she went to my site, she would have known that i don't wanna fuck strong women.  or even the kind that actually DO need the compromised physical requirements to get into the armed forces.

and they NEVER will because you radiate ugliness inside-out. you are pathetic and cowardly.
poor poor pitiful me.

and i have turned you into the bureau for the protection of women against potential predators
the bureau for the protection of poor poor pitiful STRONG women who can't defend themselves against potential predators?

and gave them your website posting and website addresses for monitoring. you sad little sack of shit.
good luck.  i've alerted NOW, GLADD, the matthew shepard foundation, campus strong womens' groups...nada.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now