like the second day i was incessantly posting m4m ads on craigslist, i got a letter in response to my needing a teacher.

i am very confident in and with my sexuality and i could go on for days in that department.

when i think about what being confident in one's "sexuality" can actually mean, i thought of the nanny.  how i love that show.  i love niles' degradation of what's-her-name.  oh, where was i...what does being confident in one's sexuality actually mean?   can one be confidently clueless?  isn't confidence certainty, isn't sexual arousal curiosity?  I guess one can be certainly curious of masculinity, but one cannot be certain AND curious about it.

i feel like i'm on that "mythbusters" show.

this is why i hold to the notion that "homosexuality" is another word for "self-denial".

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