today is june 2, 2007.  i went to the same deli that inspired my parody of mariah carey's "emotions".  this time, another female clerk i presume saw my "if female soldiers were needed, they'd be drafted" shirt.  when i paid for my stuff, she tried to give me a hard time: "i can't see your ticket," when i gave her the ticket that had my food order on it.  i unfold it, simply unfold it, and say "here".  to slap her in the face some more, i should have said, "oh, i'm sorry little lady, let a man help you".

why the hell are females so offended by being called less than masculine?  what kind of jagged sense of pride must they maintain and why?  56 percent of upper manly strength and 76% of lower manly strength.  a man didn't write that, a female phd did.

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