i went on dudesnude.com to check my messages, and i got a reply from the reply i left.

first, he wrote me and told me to quit using a fake pic, he referred to it as a "fake ass pic".  he did not hyphenate "fake-ass" so it seemed as if he was talking about me misrepresenting myself with a pic of a firm behind or something.

after a few seconds, i realized he meant "a fake-ass pic" rather than "a fake ass pic," but i thought my version was funnier.  so i wrote him back and told him that there is not a picture of my ass anywhere in my pics on dudesnude.com...real or fake.

he wrote back and called me an idiot.  i have no idea why he thought my pics are fake.  maybe cuz he's seen them all over, as i'm using them all the time advertising my site in gay chats.

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