this came from a "strong" woman who, despite her years of training to actually BE strong, would not start to compare to a man who had the same training for the same amount of time.  cuz men are naturally stronger than women.
how could i forget her final line, "it's fun to censor the violent nutjobs".  an abortion-backer saying this.  click that picture of the infant's severed head up top, see who's a violent nutjob.  i write to incite, i know how crazy a campaign to legalize rape is - if it actually started to be taken as seriously as the campaign to legalize abortion, i'd stop.   but feminists like this "nutjob" just keep going - they're obviously passionate about it and they're the violent nutjobs.

Some guy has been posting his anti-woman crap all over the country on the "politics" board. I know that's very off-topic for W4W, but I have a feeling I will find a few strong flaggers here to wipe out his b.s. He writes: "Now is the time for all good men to" If this annoys you, go to and flag his post: PROMOTE VIOLENCE AGAINST "STRONG" WOMEN!!! Then, if you're REALLY pissed off, go to as many Craigslist cities as you can and flag the same ad (same title, too.) So far, we wacky feminists have managed to delete him from everywhere except Dallas, Chicago, D.C., NYC, Sacramento, & Miami. He posted it on Dec. 5. It's fun to censor the violent nutjobs.

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