i passed by a show talking about the "happy face killer" - they said he killed people for attention.  why didn't he just start a website?

My Craigslist Posting:
STRONG WOMAN SAYS, "WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN PULL-UPS" This is because the strong woman marine has no competent level of strength. I'm just saying... To hell with "pink" - if strong woman cut her cancer-infected mammaries off and offered them up to the sun, it would stop global warming. www.wearesickofpinkribbons.com Now is the time for all good men to legalizerape.org. WWW.SAVEAFETUSABORTAFEMINIST.COM

A posting in response to mine, found on google:
i am shocked and horrified by this man's post. He has a hatred towards women and advocates rape. He gives his website and talks about violence towards women. He needs to be located by the authorities and stopped before he does something horrible.

your virgin eyes!

It seems like there are more incidents of violence against women, due to the TV shows and video games advocating it. We must stop this type of behavior to save our daughters from horrendous violence. If you know anyone in the police force, please see if they can track down this sick man and stop him. This is very scary. Thank you.

i'll be a male chauvanist just as long as female chauvanism runs unchecked.  er, feminism.  oh, what's that, valerie solanas and everything related to the "society for cutting up men" (SCUM) was just a joke - not to be taken literally?!!!

well, biotch, how does it feel?  i can empathize, as i also have always been lacking in the strength/competency department.   i acted and joined the band and made friends with stefanie who mocked the prom's theme of "i don't know much, but i know i love you," with a voice like corky from "life goes on" - "i don't know much, but i know i love football".

but our jealousy of the masculine gender and the inferiority we both feel around mens' physical strength...needs to be dealt with.  therapy.  it's not mens' fault that they are stronger than me.  and you.  and feminists who don't need to justify the title of "strong woman".

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