i found this letter in my fanmail folder:

So, what started out as me trying to find your Chattage answer turned into a game.
Then I became entralled in your fantastic stories of mental retardation.
Yet, I never found the answer.  Was this all to just get a rise out of me?  Was this to turn me into a babeling retard?
Alas, more questions without answers.  I am saddened.

babel?  er, that's BABAR, if you're talking about the elephant.
and mental retardation?  he's taking a mile with the "i'm not retarded, i'm a very special boy" line i imported from pie 2.

i gotta make a parody of "typical male" and call it "typical fag".  be it the slightest inkling of or a grandiose cyber-exposition of gay-bashing, it's all a case of that old madonna defense: "you're the one with the problem".

i can hear past accusations: "oh, the evangelistics are out late tonight" and "there has got to be something more than mental retardation going on" et al.

just saying, he sent his pic, he looks like the shermanator.

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